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The primary responsibility of this position is to help Lakewood UMC students become fully formed disciples of Christ by reaching, connecting, growing, and sending students to make disciples. The following is how this position will practice this primary responsibility in the Student Ministry at Lakewood UMC.

This ministry title is: Student Ministry Assistant Director

This position is Lakewood UMC’s primary: Leader of programming to help students (grades 6-12) know each other and know Jesus.

This ministry’s purpose is to: Build a community of students and adult leaders that provide an environment for students to know Jesus, follow Jesus, and make disciples of Jesus.

Success will be evaluated mainly in the areas of: Developing and maintaining a Sunday school program that helps students know Jesus, helping to develop and maintain Wednesday night worship and programming that helps connect student to Jesus, organizing, planning and executing a middle school mission opportunity in the summer, helping to plan and execute a high school mission opportunity in the summer, building and maintaining healthy and life-giving relationships with students, parents, and adult leaders that point them to Jesus

The question that this position brings to every planning discussion/decision is: Will this help staff and adult leaders know students, students to know each other, and students to connect with Jesus?

This ministry’s target populations/constituencies include: Students, parents, and adult leaders

The practice of this ministry is usually located in/on: Lakewood UMC campus, selected ministry events, area school district campuses and facilities, out of town locations for trips, online social media platforms, where students are located.

The initial time allocations for this ministry position are (in order): Building relationships with students and families (25%), organizing appropriate environments (30%), communication/social media/website tasks (10%), developing and equipping leaders (15%), teaching/preaching (20%)

Existing teams and programs for which this position is the staff LEADER include: Middle school mission, Pumpkin Patch Fundraiser, Sunday school, and Winter Retreat

Existing teams and programs for which this position is the staff MANAGER include: Weekly email communication, registration for middle school and high school mission trips, and Winter Retreat

Existing teams and programs for which this position is the staff CONTACT include: Sunday school, Wednesday evening activities, Pumpkin Patch fundraiser

The primary supervisor is the Pastor of Student Ministries.

This is a full-time, exempt position that includes health benefits, 401k, and 2 weeks of vacation annually. A bachelor’s degree and some Student Ministry experience preferred. Candidates must be physically capable of some manual labor (lifting, moving objects, etc.) and sleeping on a cot or air mattress during trips and retreats.

Interested applicants should send cover letters, resumes, and contact info for three references to