A Prayer for Black History Month (by Rev. Rashim Merriwether)

We thank you for your grace and your continued providential love for us.
Despite our frailties and failings as we wrestle with this human condition, your love never fails. And we are thankful, for your patience in loving us not as we want, but as we need. We acknowledge that your omniscient grace has continued to cover us as we learn to listen to your voice amongst the noisy backdrop of this world.
We ask your forgiveness for sins that have been committed toward you and our sisters and brothers. We humbly submit ourselves for inspection, and guidance knowing that it is in our submission and obedience we gain understanding, purpose and direction.
We ask that in these times of racial, social, economic and cultural disparity, you would help us renew our minds, mend our hearts, and transform our perceptions, to ease our anxiety and fears. Help us see the Christ in one other. To give value and affirmation to the narrative of racial, cultural and societal inequality. Help us remember that we are all called through one Christ;
Bound in love through one baptism:
As one body of Christ;
We drink of the same Spirit.
There is neither Jew or Gentile; slave or free; young or old; black or white;
We are all called by the same Spirit;
Into one body through Christ;
We have been given wisdom, and knowledge by the same Spirit;
We are given faith and gifts of healing by the same Spirit;
We are given the gifts of prophecy by the same Spirit
And all are given so that the body might operate as God intended;
Responsible to and for each other.
When one hurts we all suffer the trauma and collateral damage in brings to our soul;
Lord, as we celebrate Black History month, help us to see the humanness of our brothers and sisters and their place in the body of Christ.
Help us to make ourselves a Holy living sacrifice Prioritizing or responsibility to God, Christ and each other.
Let you transforming spirit take hold of our hearts and minds as we continue to wrestle with the sin of racism and all its forms.
Help us to navigate the process of healing and the responsibility by affirming and telling the real stories of our black and brown brothers and sisters;
So that we might become the body of Christ redeemed by his blood. Glorifying God in word, works and service to one another.
I pray this in the matchless name of Jesus. AMEN.

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NOTE: Quotations on this page come from Discipleship Ministries (umcdiscipleship.org), United Methodist Communications (umcom.org), and the General Commission on Religion and Race (gcorr.org/r2hub.org).