COVID-19 Response

Safe Reopening Guidelines for Weekday Childcare

ARUMC Stage 2 Safe Reopening Guidelines for Weekday Childcare

  • In order to reopen, your weekday childcare board or advisory committee must:
    1. develop a plan showing how they will implement the latest (currently May 4) Child Care Pandemic Requirements from the Arkansas Department of Human Services and follow the latest CDC guidelines for sanitation, safety and social distancing;
    2. check with their insurance provider to help determine areas of possible liability exposure;
    3. develop guidelines and procedures for deep cleaning and regular sanitizing of all space used by the weekday childcare program prior to re-opening;
    4. demonstrate the ability of the weekday childcare program to implement the plan; and
    5. have the plan reviewed and approved by the church trustees and pastor before reopening.
  • In addition, all church weekday childcare programs are encouraged to follow the latest Stage 2 Guidance from the Bishop and cabinet on how and when churches and church ministries can safely begin to reopen. Note that this guidance relies heavily on Governor Hutchinson’s
    and the Arkansas Department of Health’s Guidance for Places of Worship as updated on July 2.
  • Start preparing now! Your weekday childcare board or advisory committee should work closely with the church’s pastor, Re-Launch Team and trustees to develop a responsible plan for reopening. Remember that all such plans are the responsibility not only of the weekday childcare board but also of the church Board of Trustees, who have the responsibility for managing liability and for making sure that all church facilities are used in a safe and responsible manner. For that reason, plans for re-opening must be approved by a congregation’s Board of Trustees before being implemented.
  • Department of Human Services and CDC guidelines are strict. If you do not feel confident of your ability to open safely, don’t! If you are not confident of your ability to obtain the proper cleaning and health supplies, wait!
  • Once the plan is in place and a date is set for reopening, the church pastor must inform the District Superintendent.
  • For a sample Weekday Child Care Reopening Plan, please click here.