COVID-19 Response

Safe Reopening Guidelines for Ministries with Children

ARUMC Stage 2 Safe Reopening Guidelines for Ministries with Children

The following guidelines will help guide the conversation and any decisions made as these plans are developed:

  1. All churches should follow the guidance of the Bishop as to when churches can safely begin to reopen. Bishop Mueller has identified June 28 as the start of Revised ARUMC Stage 2.
  2. If your church has created a Relaunch Team to guide the church’s path to reopening, it is recommended that children’s programming should be represented by someone on the team.
  3. Safe Sanctuary policies should be reviewed and volunteers should be reminded of these policies as plans are made for transitioning back to in-person programming as a shortage of volunteers is a possibility as high-risk adults will remain home.
  4. Continued physical distancing and digital ministry is the top recommendation for children’s ministry programming for the fall of 2020. (Even if public schools resume in-person with face mask classroom instruction, many churches serve multiple school districts which then mix community contact tracing abilities if children were to mix in a faith formation setting within a church.)
  5. Guidelines and procedures for deep cleaning and regular sanitizing of all space used for children’s ministries should be developed prior to in-person events and programs re- starting.
  6. Establish plans for registering or accounting for children expected to attend in-person events and programs in order to limit the number of children and adults according to space size (with a max number of 50 even if your space provides 36 square feet per family unit for more than 50 family units.) Your total number of attendees should include parents, children, and church staff.
  7. Plan event activities for 35 minutes or less if held indoors.
  8. All event participants over the age of 2 are expected wear a face covering at events both indoors and outdoors.
  9. If food is served, it should be pre-packaged and served by a masked and gloved person.
  10. Due to the nature of retreats or trips needing extended periods of time indoors, shared sleeping spaces and shared bathrooms, overnight retreats, trips or missions are not recommended. For this reason, District Bible Boot Camps will not happen in the Fall of 2020.