COVID-19 Response

Safe Reopening Guidelines for In-Person Campus Ministries

ARUMC Stage 2 Safe Reopening Guidelines for In-Person Campus Ministries

The following guidelines will help guide the conversation and any decisions made as these plans are developed:

  1. All churches should follow the guidance of the Bishop as to when churches can safely begin to reopen. Bishop Mueller has identified June 28 as the start of Revised ARUMC Stage 2.
  2. Safety Guidelines
    • Campus ministry programming must follow CDC guidelines for sanitation, safety, size, and social distancing.
    • Guidelines and procedures for deep cleaning and regular sanitizing of all space used for campus ministry should be developed prior to in-person events and programs re-starting.
    • Develop a plan for providing face coverings for those who arrive without one.
    • All staff, volunteers, and students should wear face coverings and maintain 6 feet physical distance from all present whether gatherings are indoors or outdoors. Those who live in the same dorm room can be considered a “family unit” and can be within 6 feet of one another but must wear a face covering at all times.
    • Plans for registering or accounting for students expected to attend in-person events and programs must be used in order to limit the number of youth and adults to safe social distance, with a maximum of 50 people.
    • For non-programmed times, a sign in/sign out sheet should be used to account for students using the spaces during open times.
    • When possible, gatherings should be held outdoors.
    • Whether indoors or outdoors, a space of 36 square feet should be accounted for per “family unit” in attendance to allow for space for physically distancing as recommended by the CDC.
    • Overnight trips for youth, college students and young adults are not recommended through at least April 30, 2021.
    • Any food at campus ministry events will be available as boxed meals or prepackaged only. Students may remove their mask to eat and drink inside the campus ministry facility if they maintain a 6-foot distance from any other person.
  3. Signage
    • Signage will be placed on all main entrance doors denoting basic guidelines for wearing masks, maintaining social distance, and only entering if symptom free.
    • Each room will display signage with the maximum number of people allowed in that space.
  4. Enforcement
    • Campus ministry directors and their Board of Trustees should develop plans for how to enforce policies for any student, volunteer, or vendor who does not comply with policies on masking, social distancing, and being symptom free.
  5. Be aware that while students appear to be less vulnerable than other age groups, some students are vulnerable and some youth are in regular contact with someone who is vulnerable. It is vital to continue to provide ministry opportunities for those who are not able or are not comfortable attending in person.