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Streaming Worship Online (03/17/2020)

Frequently Asked Questions

What services should I consider when it comes to live streaming?

Services such as YouTube Live, Facebook Live, BoxCast and StreamSpot are all options for churches looking to live stream. Some platforms are built to be general-purpose streaming services, whereas others are built specifically for churches and their needs in terms of copyright and audience management.

What if my Internet connection is not good enough to live stream?

Churches can also consider prerecording sermons, devotionals, or other services to upload to the Internet instead of live streaming. Depending on your Internet Service Provider, they may also be willing to increase your upload speed in order to accommodate a live stream.

What is the difference between a live stream and an online meeting tool such as Zoom?

Live streams are “one-way,” in that only one person can be seen and heard (although many live stream services allow for text-based chat). An online meeting tool such as Zoom allows for multiple people to be seen, heard, and interact at the same time (either in an audio-only way, or with audio and video).

How do I live stream multiple sources of information (video, PowerPoint, one/multiple cameras) at the same time?

Programs such as Open Broadcaster Software (OBS, allow you to do this.

What resources are there for churches looking to be compliant with copyright laws while live streaming?

Ask the UMC, an official ministry of the United Methodist Church, has provided this page with information regarding copyright and live streaming with churches.