Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

As you know, United Methodist pastors are appointed annually to congregations. This critically important process involves prayer, discernment and input from congregations and clergy.

I am including links and instructions for two important pieces of input: Consultation forms and the Discipleship Multiplication Index, a new survey tool that will help the Appointive Cabinet and you better understand your ministry and mission field.

Each online form needs to be completed and submitted to your District Office no later than December 13, 2019.

  1. The current Pastor/Staff Parish Relations Committee is responsible for making the recommendation.
  2. Use a different Appointment Consultation Form for each appointed clergyperson.
  3. The Pastor/Staff Parish Committee should refer to the Assessment Form you completed this past summer as you prepare your recommendation.
  4. Use a computer, phone, or other mobile device to complete this form. For the long answer question(s), you may wish to write it in a word processor document and paste it into the space provided.
  5. The Pastor and Pastor/Staff Parish Committee must discuss the committee’s Appointment Consultation Form together before the committee members make their final vote. The pastor may choose to step out of the room so that the committee members may make their final recommendation without the pastor present. Immediately following the vote, the committee shall then inform the pastor of their recommendation.  After the pastor is informed, the Pastor/Staff Parish Committee will submit their form. Remember, like all Pastor/Staff Parish Committee work, this recommendation is confidential and may not be discussed with anyone who is not on the Pastor/Staff Parish Committee.
  6. The recommendations of both the Pastor and Pastor/Staff Parish Committee are strictly advisory to the Bishop and Cabinet.  The Cabinet will begin our work in the middle of December and hold our annual retreat February 11-14, 2020. Please pray with us as we seek the guidance and power of the Holy Spirit to make the most faithful, effective and bold mission field appointments possible.

Online Consultation Form links:

Instructions for the Discipleship Multiplication Index Survey

  1. This online survey is designed to be completed by the Pastor, Lay Leader, and your Church Council/Administrative Board.
  2. Its purpose is:
    • To create a profile tool, based on your answers and local demographic information, customized for your church. You will receive your congregation’s Discipleship Multiplication Index Profile in February along with resources to help your church’s leaders to use in understanding your mission field, congregational strengths to build on, and challenges to address as you seek to be a vital congregation of disciples of Jesus Christ who make disciples.
    • To provide the Appointive Cabinet with up-to-date information to assist in making missional appointments.

To access the Discipleship Multiplication Survey, please click here.

I am grateful for your faithfulness, your ministry and your heart for Christ.

Grace and peace,

Gary E. Mueller
Resident Bishop