A Life-Changer

Life is slowly – and in some cases far too quickly – reopening, and it will continue to do so in the weeks and months to come. No doubt you’ve been thinking about what you want your life to be like; especially since you don’t want to lose some of the very positive things you have experienced in the midst of Covid that you never would have experienced otherwise. But what if you switch the focus from what you want your life to be like to what God wants it to be like? That would be a life-changer. You won’t merely want to go back to the way things were. You won’t be satisfied with some of the things you used to think were so important. And you will spend more and more time seeking God’s way for you rather than your way for you. Don’t waste the wonderful opportunity you now have to delve more deeply into God’s heart, live as a newly energized Jesus’ follower and be led by the Holy Spirit step-by-step-by-step. 

Global Mission Fellows Accepts Applications from Young Adults Who Feel Called to See Differently and Serve Differently

ATLANTA (Sept. 27, 2019) – The Global Mission Fellows Program is accepting applications through Jan. 7, 2020. This two year program is a wonderful way for young adults, ages of 20 through 30 to engage with local communities outside of their home context, connect the church in mission and grow in personal and social holiness. All who fall within the age range and who are passionate about putting their faith into action while addressing the root causes of injustice are encouraged to apply.

The Global Mission Fellowship offers placement opportunities within the United States and internationally. Once accepted, candidates are matched with partner organizations which support community development and they enter into the faith life of the local community to form lasting relationships. Each fellow becomes a part of a cohort of other Global Mission Fellows and the group trains and regroups with the same young adults throughout their two years of service. This provides a framework of support and community for each Global Mission Fellow as they share in their individual journey.

For more information or to apply go to umcmission.org/gmf or contact gmfellows@umcmission.org.

Donations to support the Global Mission Fellows program are being accepted at https://advance.umcmission.org/p-1806-global-mission-fellows.aspx.


About Global Ministries of The United Methodist Church
Global Ministries is the worldwide mission and development agency of The United Methodist Church. Founded in New York City in 1819, Global Ministries today supports more than 300 missionaries in 60 countries, including the United States. It has personnel, projects and partners in 136 countries. Learn more about Global Ministries by visiting umcmission.org or by following facebook.com/GlobalMinistries and Twitter.com/UMCmission.


Your life is going to change today. It may be a little or it may be ginormous. It might be the most exciting thing ever or it might scare you to death. It could be something you saw coming or it could be a complete surprise. So here’s what you need to know. God wants to walk with you through it so you’ll discover how the change that happens in you is not nearly as important as the change that happens in you.  

Bitter or Better

You’re going to mess up, do something you regret, hurt someone and give less than your best. Sometimes the impact will be huge, at other times small and most of the time somewhere in-between. Unfortunately, this will happen every single day.That’s why you have to decide whether you’re going to let your mistakes make you bitter or whether they’ll make you better because you’ve opened yourself to God’s grace, learned something about yourself, lived with greater humility and become more understanding of others. Bitter may be tempting, but better is always better.

“The Best of All, God is With Us”

It hits you in a moment of startling truth. You don’t have much hope. Maybe it’s the headlines or a personal tragedy or something that has turned your world upside. So what are you to do? Embrace John Wesley’s words,  ”The best of all, God is with us.” When you are able to do this through the grace of God, you will experience a startling truth. You do have hope – real hope. Not because you have created it. But because you have experienced God’s presence, power and promise.

Your God Way Journey

Some people will tell you living God’s way is always an easy journey. Sorry, they’re just wrong. If you want to experience God’s way in your life, you have to go all in and that means you have to be willing to deal with deep, important and, sometimes, painful issues. But it’s this unique journey – in which God is with you every step of the way – that will get you where God wants you to go. So get excited about continuing your God way journey today. Every step will be a new adventure.