Looking for a Miracle

Sometimes you look for a miracle because you’re in a terribly difficult situation. But even when you’re not looking for one, hundreds of miracles find you every day –  miracles of birth, love, second chances, reconciliation, justice, the healing of broken relationships, generosity, acts of compassion, the beauty of nature and the beginning of eternal life in the midst of death. So if you’re looking for a miracle, look to God. But also take time to look at God’s world and see how you’re already surrounded by more miracles than you can count!

God’s Antidote to Stress

Stress is constantly staring you down. And even though you try to beat it back, it seems like you can’t ever get ahead. That’s why you need God’s antidote to stress – just the grace you need that comes in just the way you need it at just the time you need it. So look for this antidote to stress. Be bold enough to expect it. And welcome it into your life. It may not be exactly what you thought you were asking for. But you will discover that it will be exactly what you need.  

The Facts of Life

Here are the facts of life. You won’t be treated fairly. You’ll be hurt, perhaps even betrayed by people you’ve trusted. And you’ll do something to someone you care about that you’ll regret for a lifetime. So how do you move beyond life’s pain? Thank God for all your blessings. Pray for God’s healing. And embrace your life as a journey on which you live, love and learn from everything you experience – good, bad and ugly. It’s not a magical cure. But it’s real faith for real life that makes a real difference.

A Father’s Day Prayer

Dear Lord,

Sometimes Father’s Day seems like a made-up day to sell cards, ties and golf balls. And sometimes it’s a day of great pain – for fathers, sons and daughters.

Yet this day is so important because it is a reminder that being a father is a holy calling that is an honor, a privilege and the most important job a man will ever have.

So I pray today for fathers and those who father everywhere. May they understand the awesome responsibility You have given them. And may they also come to know just how needed they are. Let them lean on Your grace. Allow them to be healed of all pain, hurt and selfishness. Enable them to love and then love again and then love yet again. Help them teach faith, courage, humility, compassion, integrity and tenderness to their children, their children’s children and all who have no fathers.

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus.


You’re Blessed

You’re blessed every day. In fact, you’re blessed in more ways than you can possibly count. You’re blessed when God’s love engulfs you in spite of what you do or is done to you. You’re blessed when just the right person shows up at just the right time to help in just the right way. You’re blessed when you pray and find exactly the peace or direction you need. So what do you do the moment you realize you’ve been blessed? You bless God and then you find someone else to bless!

God’s Going to Do What God’s Going to Do

God’s going to do what God’s going to do! While that may not sound particularly profound, it’s absolutely true. And it means God is going to be doing things you may have been praying for, but also things you never imagined.  Sure, this may all be a bit overwhelming. Okay, that’s real. But, don’t stay stuck there. Instead begin to see all of the exciting possibilities of what can be when God is this lovingly involved in your life. You’ll realize it’s what you’ve been looking for all along.