Love’s Painful Irony

God loves you so much God hurts deeply when you turn away, decide to make your stuff more important than God, try to do everything on your own or hurt others. That’s the funny thing about love. When you love deeply, you hurt deeply. But God never leaves you hurting. God heals your hurt, empowers you to use your pain to touch others and helps you love even more deeply.  The painful irony is that the pain that results from love may just end up being one of the best gifts you ever receive.    

Time for Some Soul Work

It’s time for some soul work! Sure, you may not feel spiritual enough. Or have questions about what’s involved. Or wonder what difference it will make in your life. But soul work is really pretty basic. It’s about experiencing God’s passionate love in Jesus, falling passionately in love with Jesus, letting Jesus’ passionate love shape and mold your heart, and being passionate about living this out in all of your dealings with others. In other words, soul work is simply getting intentional about a real Jesus, a real you and a real life. 

An Irresistible Cosmic Force

You’ll make mistakes, hurt those you love, ignore God, be selfish, choose comfort over faithfulness and walk away from opportunities to share God’s love with people who need it. And that’s just today! But guess what? Jesus still loves you – fully, just as you are and unconditionally. What is more, there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it. So what do you do when facing an irresistible cosmic force like this? Accept it. Invite it to go to work in your life. Savor its embrace. Live into it. And give thanks to God. 

A Memorable Day

Today may be the best day of your life. Or the worst. Or just another day filled with all the things you do the same as every other day. What will you remember about it? All the things you accomplished? Deep pain? Or very little? What makes a day memorable is not what happens, but how you love. So love God with everything you’ve got. Love your neighbor extravagantly. And love God and your neighbor by treating everyone you meet like you believe God sent Jesus to live, die and be resurrected for them.  

Your Most Important Responsibility

What do you do when your world suddenly comes tumbling down? You call out to Jesus. You pray, entreat, challenge and even beg him to fix it. And then when nothing seems to be getting any better, you double down on your efforts to get him to do something. But it’s not your job to get Jesus to fix what’s broken. Your most important responsibility is to trust that Jesus loves you so much he’s already at work bringing healing, genuine hope and new life.  

Freely Choose

God lets you choose how to live and allows your choices to matter. Sure it’s a risky move, because it means you can choose to walk away from God and live completely on your own. God doesn’t do this because God is apathetic. No, God cares more than you can imagine. God allows you to freely choose because God longs for you to give God the most precious gift imaginable: to freely choose to love God passionately, freely choose to love others extravagantly and freely choose to put God at the heart of everything you do.