A Palm Sunday Prayer


It’s the beginning of a week marked by so many powerful events – Palm Sunday, Holy Thursday and Good Friday.  

But too often I get so caught up in the pageantry that I miss the meaning. Gloss over what really happened. And fail to let it sink in. Then, when Easter is done, I’m the same as I was before.

Forgive me for trivializing what You have done. Let it be different this year – let me be different this year. Touch me with the depth of Jesus’ love in a new way. Enable me to experience the lengths to which He has gone more powerfully than ever before. And so infuse me with the reality of Jesus’ sacrifice on the cross that it grabs my soul and never lets go.

So here I am. A bit uncertain about what it all will mean. But ready – so ready – to be touched, changed and transformed.

May it be so in the strong name of Jesus.

Your Imperfection

Your long list of weaknesses, things you don’t do well and failures reminds you of just how imperfect you are. But what you despise, God sees as a wonderful opportunity. To remind you just how much you need God. To allow you to see God doing things in your life you otherwise would never see. And to help you understand that it’s not about how good you are – it’s about how much you trust God. So today let every reminder of your imperfection be a gift that opens the door to God’s amazing grace in Jesus.

You Don’t Have to Live in Fear

Even though there’s a great deal to fear in life, you don’t have to live in fear. But to make this pivot, you have to choose to give up thinking you can do it on your own and start trusting God with every breath you take. Of course, you’ll continue to experience tough, even tragic, things in life. And, yes, you’ll still have to take responsibility for your life. But when you choose to trust God – really trust God – you’ll experience the miracle of how God turns your fear into God’s joy.

Lead with An Extra Dose of Grace

Right and wrong matter. And there are times when you simply have to stand up for right and oppose wrong. But make sure you’re listening to God and not assuming you’re speaking for God. Make sure you’re dealing with the issue and not just your personal issues. Make sure it’s about behavior and not the person. And, when you’re in doubt about any of this, make sure you lead with an extra dose of grace. Because that’s exactly how God deals with you.

New Eyes

Feeling sorry for yourself? Praise the Lord! Trying to make sense of a world that seems to be spinning out of control? Praise the Lord! Struggling how to respond to a difficult situation? Praise the Lord! Scared for your children? Praise the Lord! Worried about your next visit to the doctor? Praise the Lord! Praising the Lord,  especially when you don’t feel like it, gives you new eyes to see your life in a new way. Not just any new way, mind you. God’s way.

First Things First

It’s easy to treat God like your personal ‘genie in a bottle’ who exists to grant your every wish. But even as you’re making that next wish, you have a nagging sense that there has to be a better way. And there is. Put first things first by wanting more of God more than anything else in life, longing for a deeper relationship with God, seeking God’s will more and boldly asking for more of God’s amazing grace. When you do, you’ll discover that Jesus is giving you an amazing gift – abundant life.