Two Christmas Wish Lists

If you’re honest, you’ll admit that you have Christmas wish list that includes things like a new car, jewelry, golf clubs or a trip to an exotic beach you’ve been dreaming about for years. But you also have a second Christmas wish that’s a whole lot more important because it comes from God’s heart to yours. It includes things like a healed marriage, loving Jesus more deeply or experiencing the fog of depression that envelopes you lifting. As we draw closer to Christmas, which list are you going to keep working on?


Your Christmasing is in full swing. But there will be a moment when you will hear God asking you, “What in heaven’s name does any of this have to do with what Christmas is really all about?” Take that moment to travel to Bethlehem, walk into the stable, look at the baby Jesus and remember again the true meaning of Christmas – how God became one of us to share the fullness of God’s love in the most personal way possible. While it may only seem like an imaginary journey, it’s actually a journey into the heart of God.   

That’s Why It’s Called a Gift

God’s passionately in love with you. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, what others say about you, how you feel about yourself or even how badly you’ve messed up. That’s because how God feels about you is not up to you. Never has been and never will be. It’s simply the way things are – today, tomorrow and for all eternity. So remember, your job is not to convince God to love you. It’s to receive what God is freely making available in Jesus. That’s why it’s called a gift.

You Can Always Choose

You can’t always control your life. But you can always choose how you’re going to respond to the life you can’t control. This is true regardless of who you are. Regardless of what you’ve done in the past. Regardless of what’s going on in your life now. And regardless of what anyone else says about your future. So choose to respond to what happens in your life today by sharing Jesus’ compassion, joy, healing and hope. It will change what’s happening. Even more importantly, it will change you.

A Sunday Prayer 12/09/18

Dear Lord,

I long to find You, but You’ve already found me. I strive to see You, but You’re already looking at me through loving eyes. I want to touch You, but You’re already embracing me. I desire to be good enough for You, but You’re already loving me just the way I am.

And that’s enough. Just like it’s always been and always will. Indeed, it’s far more than enough. So I do the only thing I can. I give You all Honor, Praise and Glory.


21st Century Angels

Angels are everywhere – on Christmas trees, in front of homes and in nativities. While they’re almost always depicted as beautiful heavenly beings, they actually are God’s messengers. And God is still sending them. So be on the lookout for 21st century angels. They won’t have wings and halos, may not fully understand the role they’re playing and often appear shockingly unangelic. But they have something from God for you that will make a difference in your life. Receive it gladly. Give thanks to God. And figure out whose angel God wants you to be.