Never Saw It Coming

You never saw it coming. Someone reached out to you and did exactly the right thing at the right time in the right way. You were surprised, overwhelmed and amazed by this act of love; Yet you didn’t feel worthy, couldn’t believe it was directed at you and still can’t explain it. There’s a reason for this. God’s love is far more powerful than your feelings of unworthiness, disbelief or discomfort. But there’s something even more astounding. What happened in the past will happen again. And again. And again. And again.  

Let God Take the Messiness Out

You’re going to mess up today. It may be something you unknowingly do or it could be something you’re fully aware of. What are you going to do when the mess-up is over? You can either try to pretend your mess-up never happened, deny what you’ve done and blame others. Or you can be painfully honest, open your heart to God, learn from what’s happened, experience God’s healing and move on. When all is said and done, there’s only one good choice. Let God take the messiness out of your mess-ups.   

What and Who

You love things; which there’s nothing wrong with. You also love God, others and yourself;  which ultimately brings you the greatest fulfillment in life. Sometimes you begin to sense that your life is out of whack. When you do, it’s often because you’re focusing more on what you love than who you love. That’s when it’s time to make an adjustment. Not by ignoring what you love. But by investing a whole lot more in who you love. 

A Sunday Prayer


I see so many things every day. 

I see good, things and joyful things. I also see horrible, wretched and evil things. Yet in spite of all I see, far too often I don’t see what I need to see most of all – You.

So Lord, help me see beyond me to You. You – who creates all that is. You – who reaches out into my life. You – who never gives up on me because of what I do. You – who patiently takes me where you want me to go. You – who seeks me to be in a personal, deep and eternal relationship. You – who calls me to care for Your people. 

Yes Lord, help me see beyond me to You. Because when I do, I see what matters most of all. 

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus. 


Testing Your Relationship with God

How much will you tip your server at dinner tonight? How often will you say a prayer for that person who really annoys you? How will you respond when someone on the street holding a sign asking for money approaches you? These real life situations are opportunities to test your relationship with God. And here’s why. Your relationship with God is not just what you believe, feel in your heart or do at church. It’s how you take God’s love and live it out every single day. In real life. With real people.

The God Decision

The ‘God decision’ is the most important decision you’ll ever make. It’s not just deciding whether you think there is a God. It’s whether you’re going to take that radical, but absolutely essential, leap of inviting God to shape everything about you and your life. And in case you’re worried, it won’t make you a self-righteous bore. Rather, it will so fill you with God’s grace that you radiate love, joy and hope in every single situation you’re in. Which, when all is said and done, is exactly how God wants you to live.