What do you do when you find yourself in a chasm of despair so deep you can’t see a way out? Make it a priority to discover the truth. Not just truth for your moments of despair, but truth for every moment of life. This truth is the fact that every moment of your life is intertwined with God – from birth to death and beyond. May you experience this truth today in your best and worst moments, your most joyful and painful moments, and your most exciting and mundane moments.         

Good Enough for God, Good Enough for You

You didn’t want to do it. But you did – to God, someone you love dearly or yourself – in spite of all your vows not to. So today you’re feeling guilty, remorseful and like you’ll never get it right. And you’re wondering if you’ll ever be able to change. Which is exactly why you need to understand something. God loves you. God forgives all your mess-ups. And God gives you as many chances as you need to change. If that’s good enough for God, it’s good enough for you.

A Sunday Prayer


It’s so easy to make it all about me. And I do, far too often. But every single time I do this I lose perspective because I end up feeling sorry for myself. And entitled. And as if I’m at the center of the universe.

Help me see Your bigger picture today by starting with You. Your love. Your dreams. Your hope. Your plans. And the life You have created me to live.

This is where I want to begin, end and live every day in the strong, strong name of Jesus. 


That’s What Makes It Grace

God refreshes you through a gazillion means of grace every single day – spending time talking to God; holding a sleeping baby; working in a food bank for an afternoon; taking a walk in a park; praying for someone; talking with someone whose life has been transformed; tutoring a child at your local elementary school; reading the Beatitudes or engaging in soul talk with a spiritual mentor. You may not understand why this grace happens or how it works. But that’s okay. All you need to know is this: that’s what makes it grace. 

New Life Out of the Old Mess

Life can be so tough that you sometimes wonder if God even cares, let alone is doing anything about it. God cares. And God is smack dab in the middle of it all bringing new life out of the old mess. Sometimes by bold actions. At other times by changing hearts. And often by inviting you to double down on sharing God’s grace in real ways in real life. So the next time you want God to do something, make sure you also check out what God wants you to do.  

God Will Applaud

Slowing down can be hard, especially if you’re addicted to busyness. Taking time for prayer can be a challenge, especially if you’re constantly trying to prove how valuable you are. Embracing Sabbath time can turn your world upside down, especially if you’re scheduled to the hilt. But you’ve got to do it if going to get in touch with the foundational truth of your life – you’re so infinitely valuable that God sent God’s only Son for you. So start today. Your head may tell you that you’re wasting time. But God will applaud.