Giving You!

Christmas gifts express how you feel about special people in your life. But after you things, it’s time for the most important gift of all – you! Give the gift of your time to someone who’s lonely. Your heart to someone who hurts. Your hands to someone who needs help. Your arms in a healing embrace to someone who’s grieving. Your words that say, “God loves you and so do I!” to someone who feels unlovable. And the best thing of all about giving you is that you can do it every single day!

A Sunday Prayer


I long to find You – but You’ve already found me. I strive to see You – but You’re already looking at me through loving eyes. I want to touch You – but You’re already embracing me. I desire to be good enough for You – but You’re already loving me just the way I am.

Help me to experience these realities, and how You’re already gifting me with everything I need and far more than I could ever possibly want. Then may I praise you with every fiber of my being and with every single thing I do.

I pray this in the strong name of the One Who incarnates Your love, Jesus.


How Much Bigger You’ve Gotten

How do you deal with the fact that life is bigger than you? Accept it – you can’t change this fundamental reality. Find joy everywhere you can – there’s an infinite supply to be discovered. Love the people around you – they matter more than wealth, acclaim and success. Make a difference in others’ lives – this is your soul’s work. And follow Jesus wherever he leads you – you’ll experience everything you’ll ever need. Sure, life will still be bigger than you. But you’ll discover how much bigger you’ve gotten.

Surrounded by Angels

Beautiful angels are everywhere this time of year. And, yes, angels are real. But it’s not what angels look like that makes them angels. It’s that they are God’s special messengers. This means you are surrounded by angels who show up in a variety of ways, in all kinds of places and with a multitude of looks. So be on the lookout for the angels God’s sending you. They won’t have wings and halos. They may not understand the role they’re playing. And they may seem shockingly unangelic. But they have something God knows you need.  

Rethink Hope

Life is tough, whether it’s a family crisis, our nation’s problems that appear increasingly unsolvable, or a world filled with terrorism, superstorms and starvation. No wonder you keep trying everything possible to grasp that elusive feeling of hope. Yet if you’re honest, you also know it seems perpetually out of reach. That’s why it’s time to rethink hope in two significant ways. Stop thinking hope is something you find. And start experiencing how hope is a gift given to you through what God has done in a dirty stable long ago in a place far away.  


You encounter people everyday who make you so mad you want to change them, others who stir up such deep compassion you want to help them and still others who are so intriguing you want to get to know them. But what can you realistically do when there are so many people and only one of you? Pray. It doesn’t necessarily have to be long – just make praying for others as much a part of your life as breathing in and out. And when God answers your prayers by telling you to do something – act!