Yes, You Are

Yes, you are a child of God. This is true whether you understand it, experience it or sometimes struggle to fully embrace it. Of course, this doesn’t mean you’re perfect, better than others or exempt from the pain and struggles of life. Rather, it simply means you choose to be ultimately defined by God’s love in Jesus; not what happens to you, others say about you or you think about yourself. So hold onto this reality that is most true about you with everything you’ve got – especially when you doubt yourself the most. 

A Sunday Prayer

Dearest Lord,

You have created the universe in its vastness – yet love me as Your precious child. You have called all of your creation good – yet love me when I reject who I really am. You have given the gift of freedom – yet love me even as I walk away from You.

Thank You! For love that makes me unique. Love that is never diminished by what I may do. Love that calls me to a special purpose. And love that lasts for eternity.

May I be filled with this love. Transformed by it. Fulfilled in it. Share it in ways that make real differences in the lives of real people. And love You more with each breath I take.

I pray this in the strong name of Jesus.


It’s All How You Look at It

Are you frustrated when the power goes out and you can’t watch your favorite show? Do you get impatient with your morning commute? Are you sometimes exasperated by your children? How you respond to what happens in your life is often based on how you look at it. It’s easy to develop a perspective of taking things for granted, feeling entitled and assuming God’s top priority is doing what you want. But think of the difference it could make if you start looking at everything with eyes of gratitude.

Prayer Reversal

Not too long ago, I realized I had fallen into a pattern of doing what I thought needed to happen, and then praying that God would bless it. Not surprisingly, it didn’t usually work out well. But recently, I’ve started reversing that process. I start with prayer that seeks God’s will, even though it takes longer and I often end up in places I never would have expected. Then – after I have God’s clarity – I go to work. Not surprisingly, my vision is almost always larger, my goal more faithful and things seem to work out better.

What God will Remember

You’ll do hundreds of things today. But what will God remember? God will remember how you said an encouraging word to someone who needs it. God will remember the way you helped someone in a way that made a difference to them. God will remember that you shared God’s grace with someone who feels forgotten. The things that God will remember – and the things that will bring tears of joy to God – all involve you simply sharing the love God first has shared with you.


Change is one of the few constants in life. Each day changes as it moves from dawn to bright daylight to dusk to dark. The seasons change as they go from spring to summer to fall to winter. And you change – sometimes quite dramatically – as you journey through life. The issue is not whether you’re going to change, but how. God is inviting you to change by becoming the person God has created you to be. How do you do it? Simply start loving Jesus, following him faithfully and living as his disciple.