God’s Got Your Number

From the devotional archives – January 17, 2018

Everyone is responsible for their own life, actions and choices. But this doesn’t mean you just stand on the sidelines and watch. God wants – perhaps, even expects – you to reach out. Offer unconditional love. Get involved. Pray for – and with – them. Speak the truth in love. And walk with them through life’s most difficult moments. It doesn’t take a PhD in psychology or a seminary degree to do this. Just your willingness to let God use you. So get ready. Because God’s got your number and is getting ready to call.

God is Faithful

From the devotional archives – July 14, 2017

There are times you hurt so deeply that life – or at least your current situation – seems hopeless. So you pray, lean into your faith and wait for things to get better. But they don’t. In fact, sometimes they get worse. So you doubt yourself. And God. And wonder what’s next. That’s the very moment you need to take a gigantic leap of faith by trusting God enough to look for what God is doing in your life instead of what you think God should be doing. This is not a pie-in-the-sky faith. It’s real faith for real people in real life. And it works for one simple reason. God is faithful.

A Sunday Prayer

From the devotional archives – July 9, 2017

Dear Lord,
There’s a lot of pain all around me today.
Some is very close and some far away. Some is personal and some touches people I’ll never know. Some is easy to see and some remains buried deep within the soul.
I confess, Lord, it’s tempting to pretend all this pain is not there. Or run away and hide from it. Or just be overwhelmed to the point of helplessness.
But I know that’s not want You want. So help me get over me enough so I can face it. Fill me with the strength and power of Your love. Put me with those I can help. Help me love until the pain stops hurting. And in the process, allow me the privilege of seeing You like never before.
This is my prayer offered in humility, hope and trust.

Make Them Better

From the devotional archives – January 3, 2018

Some days you are energized, hopeful and ready to tackle the world. Other days you feel overwhelmed, full of doubts and just want to get through the day. Believe it or not, both kinds of days are wonderful opportunities to experience God in new and deeper ways. When things are great, make them better by letting God show you how to make a difference for God. When things are tough, make them better by letting God’s grace carry you through the toughest parts. It works. Not just occasionally. But every single day.

God’s One of a Kind

From the devotional archives – December 29, 2017

Over 7 billion people inhabit the earth – yet there is only one you. You have unique DNA, personality and set of life experiences. What is more, God has given you unique gifts, talents and skills. So remember who you really are the next time you feel sad, depressed or lost in the crowd. You literally are God’s One of a Kind. So embrace who God has created you to be. Be the best you possibly can be. And live with courage, compassion and a desire to do God’s will in everything you do.

Just Because You Can Doesn’t Mean You Should

From the devotional archives – July 27, 2017

You have the ability to be snarky, to demean others and to bully. More and more people, however, seem to be doing more of these things more of time. And what is especially disheartening is that this fundamental shift seems to be led by our leaders. But just because you can treat others badly doesn’t mean you should. That’s because the most important issue is never what you have the right to do; it’s always what God wants you to do. And what God wants is very clear – love your neighbor as yourself.