You Don’t Have to be a Victim

Your soul is covered with scars from being wounded. Some have come from people you care about, others from terrible mistakes you’ve made and still others from life just happening. After you’ve accumulated enough of these scars, it’s tempting to believe you’re a victim, But God wants you to know that you’re not. And God proves it by showering you with healing love, abundant strength and grace to live boldly. So stop thinking that you’re the victim you’re not, and start living as the child of God you are!   

Live with Hope

The fact of the matter is that life won’t always work out the way you want, tragedies occur so painful you can’t bear them and some things just can’t be fixed regardless of how hard you try. But you can still live with hope when it seems like there is none. And here’s why. God’s holding you. And when God’s got you, you are freed to do things you otherwise would never be able to do, trust when you can’t control what’s going on and live with joy in the midst of the unknown.  

What God is Doing Today

How you feel about today is not nearly as important as what God is doing today. And what God is doing is simply astounding. Filling you with love that just keeps on coming wave after wave. Transforming you so that you can overcome all your hurts, mistakes and regrets. And placing a vision in your heart that allows you to live with hope. So what does God want in return for all of this? Simply for you to be bold, compassionate and joy-filled in everything you do today.  

A Sunday Prayer 2/17/19


There’s so much pain. Crushing pain. Heartbreaking pain. Joy-zapping pain. And we know it breaks Your heart, just as it breaks ours.

So we pray from the depth of our souls. For children dying from starvation. Addicts seeking sobriety one day at a time. Spouses devastated by unfaithfulness. Loved ones living in the fog of depression. Friends dying from incurable diseases. Families smothered by relentless poverty. Citizens living in fear of their own governments. And for all journeying through life apart from Your love.

Shower them with the fullness of Your love that touches them exactly the way they need. Give them Your healing and new life. Fill them with Your hope. And may we embrace the privilege of serving as Your heart, words and hands to share Your love with them.

We pray this in Jesus’ precious name – Amen.

You Have a Mission

You have a mission. It’s not all that hard to understand, even if it’s sometimes difficult to live out. You are created to experience the fullness of God’s love for you. Invited to welcome Jesus as your Savior and Lord. And called to be so changed from the inside-out that you are a brand new person on a mission from God. You do not carry out your mission in order to get God to love you. It’s because you have experienced God’s love that you can’t wait to be God’s mission.

God’s Unchanging Love Changes Everything

You experience change every day of your life. Some of it small, some huge. But there’s something that remains unchanging in the midst of all this change – God’s all-in love for you. It doesn’t matter what you’ve done – God adores you. What you think about yourself – God’s passionately in love with you. What others say about you – God knows better. Or even what’s in your past – God loves you regardless. But there’s also irony in all of this. It’s exactly God’s unchanging love that brings amazing changes in your life.