2019 Clergy and Congregational Assessments

The goal of these assessments is to facilitate healthy conversations with pastors, laity, and the District Superintendent about our fruitfulness in carrying out our trajectory of creating vital congregations that make disciples of Jesus Christ, who make disciples equipped to transform lives, communities and the world.

For the second year, the 2019 Clergy Leadership Assessment forms are to be submitted online and may be accessed on a smartphone, iPad, laptop, desktop computer, etc., which will hopefully make it easier to complete the forms in the meeting. Note that internet access will be required to complete and submit the forms, so if that is an issue, we suggest that the forms be printed as worksheets and then typed and submitted online forms at home.

The online forms must be submitted no later than Thursday, August 15th.


  • Set a date early for the committee to meet in time to complete and return the form by August 15th.
  • Pastors and SPR Committees are to meet together to complete both assessment forms.
  • If your church has more than one clergy, complete a clergy assessment form for each clergyperson.
  • If there is more than one church on the charge, complete a form from each church’s SPRC.
  • Forms are to be completed by either the pastor, SPR, or both pastor and SPR as noted by each item.  The Congregational Questionnaire is to be completed by churches with more than 15 in worship.
  • The Clergy Assessment reports that due on August 15 are about healthy conversations and goals; these assessment forms should not be confused with the Consultation Forms reviewed in December as part of the advisory recommendation to the Bishop and Cabinet concerning the pastor’s appointment for the 2020-2021 conference appointment year.

Newly Appointed Pastors

If your pastor is newly appointed effective July 1, 2019, s/he does not need to complete the Clergy Self-Assessment and the SPRC does not need to complete the SPRC Clergy Assessment.  However, clergy new in appointments will still team with the SPRC to complete and submit the Congregational Ministry Assessment Questionnaire.

Please call the district office (see https://arumc.org/our-conference/district-offices/) if you have any questions.