UMFA Hosts Endowment Seminar

L to R- Rev. Dr. Jim Bankston, Houston, Tx; Rev. J. Wayne Clark president of UMFA; Rev. Dr. Michael Roberts, First UMC, Conway; Rev. Sieg Johnson and Dale Brubaker, Christ of the Hills, Hot Springs Village; Jim Kimzey, First UMC, Malvern; John Gibson, First UMC, Morrilton, and Patti Cox of First UMC, Ft. Smith attended the endowment seminar.

On April 30, clergy and laity gathered in the Lusk Training Center of the United Methodist Foundation of Arkansas to hear from UMFA staff and Rev. Dr. Jim Bankston, retired pastor from St. Paul’s UM Church, Houston, Texas. The seminar focused on endowment fund creation, growth, and management. An endowment fund is a financial asset in which the original gift is never spent but invested, and the income is used for a specific purpose. “An endowment fund can enhance the ministry of your church from gifts that last in perpetuity. In a time when operating budgets are limited, endowments provide a steady stream of income to offset operations, and go beyond the budget,” said UMFA Vice President of Development Janet Marshall.

“Constant reminders to church members about the endowments at your church is key to their growth,” said Rev. Bankston. St. Paul’s foundation grew from $2 million to $20 million during his 19 years as pastor.

Jim Kimzey from FUMC, Malvern attended the seminar. “We have an Endowment Committee which has been very much reactive rather than proactive in the past few years. Fortunately, our Sr. Pastor, Bruce Bennett, feels strongly about the need and advantages of an endowment program. The information provided during the UMFA’s Endowment Seminar will be of value as we prepare our plans for a renewed endowment and planned giving program at FUMC Malvern. “

The mission of the UMFA is to create and administer permanent charitable endowment funds to help strengthen and grow United Methodist ministries in Arkansas. Rev. J. Wayne Clark UMFA president added, “This seminar was provided to share information with local churches so they understand how the Foundation can partner with them in making a difference for ministry.”

To learn more about endowments and your local church, please contact Janet Marshall at or 501.664.8632.

Rev. Clark has lifetime of preparation for UMFA role

Rev. Clark has lifetime of preparation for UMFA role

Rev. J. Wayne Clark may have been born in Dallas, Texas, but his true roots are found in the Arkansas United Methodist Church. During his youth in Arkansas, Wayne was very active at First UMC, Malvern, Camp Tanako, and served in youth leadership roles as the President of the Annual Conference his senior year of high school.

While Wayne always felt the United Methodist church would be part of his life, he did not answer his call into ministry until college. His Methodism continued to grow stronger with his time at Methodist schools- Hendrix College and Southern Methodist University (‘SMU’). Through an extended internship at SMU, Wayne served two Methodist churches in the Halifax Circuit of the British Methodist system where he had the opportunity to preach in the same pulpits as John Wesley.

Wayne has gone on to pastor local churches in Arkansas, served as a college chaplain, and worked as a professional fundraiser for Hendrix College. These varied jobs within the United Methodist Church helped Wayne prepare for the role as President and CEO of the United Methodist Foundation of Arkansas. The Foundation’s mission is to create and administer permanent charitable endowment funds to strengthen and expand the United Methodist ministry in Arkansas.

Wayne feels very blessed and honored to serve the Church in this capacity and hopes to see the Foundation grow in every sense of the word. By building on the work of the Foundation’s current staff and the late Jim Argue, Wayne is excited to share the expansive services and ministries of the Foundation with pastors, churches, and laity. “Through this work,” said Wayne, “we hope to see an increase in the number of ministries around the state as we grow and continue our work of making disciples for Jesus Christ and strengthening Arkansas Methodism.”