Let Go

You’re caught in a lifelong tug of war. Pulling you in one direction is your desire to be in control, do things your way and experience success in the eyes of the world. Pulling you in the other direction is God’s call on your life, your desire to get more serious about your relationship with God and your passion about going deeper in faith. Tired of the back and forth? If so, it’s time to let go, let God win and embrace the life God is offering as a free gift. Because when God wins, you win!  

Your Paradoxical Miracle

It’s at the very moment when life is most difficult that you often seek to exert control in hopes of fixing it. But that’s actually when you need to do the counterintuitive thing and be most vulnerable – with yourself, others and God. Why? It’s through this vulnerability that you are most open to experience God’s presence, strength and healing. Of course, this is a paradox that makes a little sense. And it’s certainly a challenge to pull off. But it’s also a miracle that changes everything. And most importantly, it can be your paradoxical miracle today  

Jesus Wins

While it may seem in so many ways that Jesus was a victim, he actually was very much in charge. He chose to walk into all the sin in the world. Chose to open his heart to all people and cover them with love. And chose to let evil take its best shot on the cross. There – in that moment of his greatest pain and suffering and despair – the fullness of divine love that changes everything was unleashed. That’s how Jesus wins. Not just long ago on the cross for all humanity. But today for you.  

Living the God Way

There’s far more to life than checking items off your ‘to-do’ list day-after-day, week-after-week and year-after-year. Life is a gift from God, which means your top priority is living the God way. So how do you do this? Stop what you’re doing and start with God. Listen to God often and carefully. See every moment as an opportunity to love God and your neighbor with everything you’ve got. And end the day by giving everything back to God. Do this day-after-day, week-after-week and year-after-year and you’ll suddenly realize you’re already living the God way!  

God’s Never-Take-It-Back Love

You are confronted every day with poignant reminders that life is often painful, can change forever in an instant and offers no guarantees regardless of how much money you have, what you’ve done in the past or how much you protect yourself. But there is one guarantee in life – God’s never-take-it-back love. This love is so dependable that it enables you to live each day with the absolute confidence that nothing that happens in life or in death – even the worst possible thing you can ever imagine – can separate you from God’s love in Jesus Christ.