You Are God’s

Today may be one of the best days ever. Or busy from the time you wake up until you lay your head down on the pillow. Or marked by an important decision. Or marked by deep pain. Or filled with any of a thousand other things. But whatever today is, it’s your life. Which is why it’s essential to remember that regardless of what happens, you are God’s – created in God’s image, loved unconditionally by God, shaped and molded by God, and given a special purpose by God.  

Don’t Be Afraid of Your Fear

Fear starts with a single event, grows over time and eventually infects every thought you think, every breath you take and every thing you do. The worst thing of all about fear is how it leaves you feeling absolutely powerless to deal with it. But God comes to you right in the midst of your fear, frees you from your fear and helps you overcome any fear. So today – and every day – choose God over fear, and experience how you don’t need to be afraid of your fear any longer!  

The Real Deal

Sometimes you package yourself to meet someone else’s expectations. But when you do, you feel discombobulated because it’s just not you. At other times, you try to prove you’re in charge of your life by doing crazy things. But you soon realize you’re still not being you. So today let God’s love fill you to overflowing. Let God heal and, when necessary, transform you. And let God uniquely meld together your life’s experiences, pain, gifts and passion. Then you can be the real deal the best way of all – God’s way.   

A Sunday Prayer


It’s easy to see everything that’s wrong in the world. But there’s also so much that’s so right. Sadly, however, it’s easy to overlook it. Minimize it. And say it doesn’t matter. But it does, Lord. Because this is how You’re at work through everyday saints.

     Who don’t care about the spotlight.

     Who don’t care about the acclaim of others.

      And who don’t make it more about themselves than You.

They’re ordinary people who do extraordinary things – because they’ve been transformed by Your love. People who long to share what You’ve shared with them – grace upon grace. People who bring real transformation – in lives, families, churches, schools and neighborhoods.

Thank You for these people. Who quietly live Your love. Who do so with humility,  Who ask nothing in return. Who don’t spend time judging others and telling them what to do. They simply live. And love. And then love some more.

May I become more like them starting right now in Jesus’ name.


A One-of-a-Kind Wonder

You’re a one-of-a-kind wonder. Unique. Different than anyone who ever has been, is or ever will be. And God wants you to claim this reality, embrace it and live it to the glory of God. It may mean doing something seemingly small and simple. Or it may be doing something ginormous. Whatever it is, God will help you do it so that you are the very best you that you can possibly be. And along the way, you’ll make one of the most important discoveries of your life. You’re not only a-one-of-a-kind wonder. You’re blessed!