A Sunday Prayer


 Our world is broken right now. People’s feelings are intense, deep and passionate. The chasms are numerous. And while it breaks my heart, I can only begin to imagine what it does to Yours.  

I’m praying with everything I’ve got that You will send Your grace in a way that helps me trust Jesus with everything I’ve got, lead with Your love in all I do and follow the promptings of the Holy Spirit all the time. 

I’m praying with everything I’ve got that You will enable me to see others through the eyes of Jesus’ heart, reach out to them with his arms of compassion and embrace them with his healing love. 

I’m praying with everything I’ve got that You will use me to share the Good News of the salvation Jesus offers, witness to its reality in my own life and demonstrate how it actually does bring transformation.

Yes, I’m praying with everything I’ve got.

Lord, hear my prayer.


Our True Hope

Do you love Jesus? Does he make a positive impact on your life? Do you try to live the way he taught and lived? Do you think he is the Son of God? Do you treat him as the Lord of your life? Do you believe he is your Savior because he is the one who loves you so much that he was willing to die for you in order to forgive and save you from sin? I know that is a long list of questions, some of which may even make you uncomfortable. But I ask them for a reason. We live in a time when people often invoke the name of Jesus to bless what they want to do far more than they are willing to trust him enough to surrender to him. But if more of us actually sought to have him transform us from the inside-out because we are willing to bet our lives on the fact that he is our true hope, we might find ourselves living in a very different world. 

He Already Did

Some days just don’t work out the way you imagined they would. Sometimes that’s good, sometimes bad and sometimes it doesn’t make a lot of difference one way or another. But how you feel about your plans and how those plans work out is not the most important thing about any day. What matters most is the simple reality that Jesus loves you so much he’ll do anything for you. Come to think of it he already did – on the cross he never should have gone to but willingly did. So how is Jesus’ love going to shape your today?

Where Forgiveness Leads

We want to feel better about ourselves when we mess up. We want others – especially God – to tell us it’s okay and that all is well. And we want to be forgiven so it all goes away like it never happened. But too often we forget something essential in our haste to put whatever it is that we’ve done in our rearview mirror. Forgiveness, while essential to Jesus’ work, is part of a larger process. It begins with our realization of what we’ve done, and how it has hurt others and God. It continues as we repent; making amends and taking steps to head in a new direction. Then our hearts are prepared to receive forgiveness that comes as a gift and is never something we earn. But even this forgiveness is not the last word, because experiencing true forgiveness inevitably leads us to long for a transformed life. Sound complicated? Maybe. But even more importantly, it’s an essential piece of the abundant life Jesus longs for every human being to experience.


When you welcome Jesus’ love into your life, it heals your broken heart. When your heart is healed, it allows you to trust Jesus with your whole heart. When you trust Jesus with your whole heart, it opens the eyes of your heart to see others the way Jesus sees them. When you see others the way Jesus sees them, it allows you to love the way Jesus loves. When you love the way Jesus loves, you are able to live the Jesus’ way. And when you live the Jesus’ way, you experience the abundant life he so longs for you to have.