A Sunday Prayer 11/18/18


Dearest Lord,

You have created the universe – yet love me as Your precious child. You have made humanity in Your image, yet love me when I reject who I really am. You have given the gift of freedom, yet love me even as I walk away from You.

Thank You for love that makes me unique. Thank You for love that is never diminished by what I do. Thank you for love that calls me to a special purpose. May I be filled with this love. Transformed by it. And fulfilled in it. Starting today. Indeed, right now. And continuing forever.

Lord, You are amazing, astounding and awesome. And I love You. May I love You more with each breath I take.

I pray this in Jesus’ name – Amen.

What a Love It Is

You are a child of God. This means that when real life happens – which it will – it won’t define who you are. God’s love will. And what a love it is. So great God entered into the middle of the messiness of real life in Jesus so you can experience that God adores you. So while you’re trying to figure out how you’re going to get through what you’re going through today, take time to thank God for what will always matter most about you – you are a child of God.

It’s All a Matter of Perspective

Are you frustrated when the power goes out or grateful for electricity? Impatient with your morning commute or thankful for a job? Sometimes exasperated by your children’s behavior or blessed they are safe? It’s all a matter of perspective and, sadly, it’s all too easy to develop one that assumes you’re at the center of the universe. So craft a new attitude today that begins by embracing the gift of God’s grace and ends with seeking God’s Will. You’ll be amazed how it changes your perspective on everything.

Take God’s First Step

God has something special in store for you and wants you to discover what it is. But doing so is not the end of your work. It’s just the beginning. That’s because God’s Will can only become a reality for you when you take that first step to do what God wants you to do. Of course it can be scary, especially if you think you’re on your own. But you’re not. God is guiding you every step of the way. So take God’s first step – you’ll never be the same again.

What God Remembers

You may remember one or two things you do today for the rest of your life. But what will God remember? God will remember you said an encouraging word to someone who really needs some good news. How you reached out and made a difference to someone who is struggling. Or the way you shared God’s grace with someone who feels forgotten. What God remembers – and the things that bring tears of joy to God’s eyes – all involve something very simple. You share the love God has shared with you.