Shelley Lee receives Woodrow B Seals Laity Award

The Woodrow B Seals Laity Award by Perkins School of Theology was presented to Shelley Lee on March 25 at the annual Summit for Faith and Learning.

Shelley, along with her husband Roy, are the Central District Disaster Response Coordinators and volunteers with the United Methodist NOMADS. 

In addition, Shelley serves on the District Leadership Board, is president of Pinnacle View United Women in Faith Unit, works with the Food Pantry, sings in the choir, is a substitute Sunday School teacher, and is on the Administrative Board.

“My husband and I wanted a retirement with a purpose that makes a difference in people’s lives,” Shelley said. The Lees are certainly achieving that goal. This volunteer lifestyle comes after Shelley’s 40-year career in public service.

Thanks to the Methodist Foundation for Arkansas, 34 laity from around the Conference were able to attend the Summit.

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