A Reflection on Independence Day from Rev. Blake Lasater

Flags, fireworks, and our national anthem nearly all bring tears to my eyes. As a Navy veteran and a veteran of the Iraqi War, I am extraordinarily proud of my country’s ideals. My Navy experience as a Chaplain has profoundly shaped my understanding of the world as well as my theology. The Navy recruits from […]

A Reflection on Independence Day from Rev. Dr. Candace Barron

The statistics for the number of people serving in the military are very low compared to the actual population since the end of the draft. I understand that life gets in the way and the military is not for everyone. However, we all benefit from our military and seldom think about the sacrifices that have […]

A Reflection on Independence Day from Rev. Andrew Kjorlaug

This is my second July 4th as an Army Chaplain and I admit that I am still getting used to the title and the role. When I arrived at the Chaplain Basic Officer Leader Course in January of 2021, I didn’t know what was in store. I knew there were statements on pluralism, considerations for […]