I’m tired of living in a world defined by polarization where people on the edges/extremes drive the agenda, the demonization of the other has become commonplace and sound bites have greater influence than thoughtful conversations. Perhaps more to the point, I am deeply concerned about living in a polarized world in which posturing takes precedence over problem solving. That’s because we have a lot of problems that are going unaddressed because we would rather win, and the cumulative weight of those problems means things are on the verge of collapsing. I believe God is calling you to be a bridge builder. Sure, it’s out of style. Indeed, it’s a set up to be ridiculed. But that’s what we need right now. Desperately. And it’s exactly the role that Christians are perfectly positioned to embrace because of Jesus. After all, he died for the whole world. And that means you can look at everyone – regardless of who they are – and say, “The starting point of my relationship with them is the fact that Jesus died for them.” Doing that is a game changer. Every single time.