We are physical beings, created in the image of God, yet fallen. Far too often, we are overwhelmed by life and struggle to find hope. Yet Jesus, our Incarnated Savior and Lord, gives us what we need in the face of this reality but can never get on our own: salvation, healing, transformation, purpose, joy and hope. But look what we do with this greatest of all gifts we have received. We anoint Jesus as the great ideologue who embraces our worldview, raise him up as the standard-bearer of our political party, turn him into a club to beat those who disagree with us – especially other Christians, place him in a box so that he only addresses ‘spiritual’ issues and put him in our pocket to pull out when we need him to fix something the way we want it. Does this sound harsh? I suppose. But the question is not whether it seems harsh to our ears. It’s whether it contains truth which we have to deal with. And, ultimately, whether we are willing to take Jesus on his terms and not ours.