The Arkansas Annual Conference held our Clergy Session last night, just as Methodist preachers have been doing for nearly 280 years. However, we did it via Zoom. There were significant upsides to meeting online. We were able to get our work done efficiently, put people on screen to speak and answer questions using a Q&A feature. What is more, we saved untold gallons of gas and thousands of dollars, not to speak of all the time people would have spent traveling. There was also a huge downside. We missed out on the fellowship that is such a vital part of conferencing. Deciding when to meet using technology and when to meet in person is a balancing act that is as much art as it is science, and as much intuition as it is data analysis. But that’s not surprising, because life is always a balance between competing interests, each of which has some validity and some liabilities. That’s why what Jesus says in the Gospel of John is so instructive. He talks about both abundant life and eternal life. And what you discover is that both are part of the salvation he offers every human being. Both are essential. And both are a gift.