Lord God,

I am compelled to confess to You. Not just for me, although that is always necessary. But also for us – the church, the Body of Christ.

I confess we have forgotten the Church belongs to Jesus, not us. Worse than that, I confess that even when we know the Church is of Christ, we often intentionally choose to act as if it is ours. And so we take it in the directions that make us comfortable, ensure that it reflects who we are and do it in a way that allows us to do what we want while camouflaging our actions by calling it Your will. These are not the actions of just some. They are the actions of all of us. It’s not a progressive thing, traditional thing, centrist thing or moderate thing. It’s all of our thing. And what is especially sad is the fact that it’s not just something we do occasionally, it seems to have become standard operating procedure.

Forgive me. Forgive us.

I confess we are creeping dangerously close to thinking and acting like we are involved in a righteous war in which it’s fair to ridicule, attack and demonize the other. Sometimes it’s overt. More often it’s subtle. But the more it happens, the more we justify it. And the more we morph from embracing a heart of peace to operating out of a heart of war.

Forgive me. Forgive us.

I confess I have participated in all of this. As have all of us. I confess I have overlooked it too often when it happens. As have all of us. I confess I have not called it what it is – sin. As have all of us.

Forgive me. Forgive us.

Empower me to repent. Empower us to repent. So that all of us – progressives, traditionalists, centrists and moderates – will embrace a spirit of humility, love one another and simply do what You have always longed that we do. Submit ourselves to the Lordship of Christ as the head of the Body of Christ..

I pray this with a broken heart that nonetheless is filled with hope. I pray this seeking to share Jesus’ heart of peace. And I pray this in his strong name.