My brain is always cranking out ideas about what I should do in my ministry, what I need to get done around the house and how I can improve myself. This may seem commendable, but it’s not. First, it makes it tough to enjoy the moment. Second, it’s easy to get overwhelmed when your list of things to do grows more quickly than your ability to get things on that list done, And third and most importantly, it can lead to SPS – Skewed Perspective Syndrome. The symptoms of SPS include a need to do things in order to prove your worth, a surge of guilt when you’re not busy and a nagging sense that there’s something you should be doing. And while that’s bad enough, the really scary part of SPS is that it’s actually a direct assault on the primacy of God’s love in your life. So is there a cure for SPS? Absolutely. It’s something called grace.