My heart is filled with compassion for those who are suffering, struggling and broken. For those in Ukraine who are being brutally and wantonly murdered. For children who are growing up in homes filled with abuse and little hope for the future. For those who are walking through debilitating illnesses that are slowly robbing them of life. For the billions who live in such poverty that every day is a struggle merely to survive. For the many individuals I will see today who are dealing with issues that are killing their spirit. As I think about these people, I am overwhelmed. So much so, that it seems there is little that I can do for them. But that’s not true. There is so much I can do. There is much I should do. I can hold them in my heart of prayer. I can speak out on their behalf. I can address their real pain in real ways. And I can always remember that when I look at them, I am also looking at the face of Jesus.