I’ve been driving throughout the state of Arkansas this past week for meetings: Rogers, Little Rock, Batesville, Cotton Plant, Fort Smith and Malvern. Yesterday, as I was traveling west on I-40 towards Fort Smith, I drove right into the teeth of a nasty severe storm so intense it caused me to slow way down, put on my flashers and grip the steering wheel tighter than I’ve gripped it in a while. It seemed as if that storm would never end. But it did. And soon the skies, while still gray, were clear of rain. Life is filled with storms, many of which are deeply painful and seem as if they will never end. But you will get through them. Not on your own, but because God will be on the journey guiding you, giving you shelter and helping you get to the other side. It won’t always be easy and, at times, it will be so overwhelming you’ll wonder whether you will make it. But you. By the grace of God you will.