President Volodymr Zelenskyy was elected the sixth President of Ukraine in April 2019. Prior to that? He was a popular actor and comic. And in the months leading up to Russia’s brutal invasion of Ukraine, he had lost the confidence of his people and his popularity in the polls was plummeting. But then Russia invaded. And something totally unexpected happened. Zelenskyy stepped up at the right moment in the right way to become an inspirational leader, a voice of conscience for the world and a servant leader who refuses to leave even though his life remains in danger. You may feel you’ve had more defeats than victories, possess no discernable gifts and that there is little you can do to make a difference. But there will be a moment in your life when God will call you to step up. It may be to befriend a child who otherwise would have no one or the opportunity to address someone you know who spews forth racism unchecked or to shepherd a project in your community that will positively impact the lives of others. And while you have no idea right now what it will be, God does. And God will give you the vision, courage and gifts you need in that moment to step up and make an unexpected difference.