I usually wake up pretty early, make coffee, spend some time with God, make more coffee, quickly read the paper and head upstairs to my study to begin my work day. Today was different. After I woke up, made coffee, spent some time with God, made more coffee and quickly read the paper, I didn’t head upstairs. Instead, I put on boots, headed outside and took pictures of the beautiful snow scenes around our home. Then Karen and I went to our sunroom, and just sat looking at the beautiful sky, snow, trees, water and birds. This is Sabbath. When everything comes grinding to a halt – regardless of how important it is – in order to rest. No wonder God makes it a priority. And no wonder you’re able to be a more faithful, rested and healthier person when you observe it on a regular basis. After all, Sabbath is God’s way, which is always the best way – even if it doesn’t always conveniently fit your schedule.