I’ll be honest. There are times I’m so busy with the business of living that I feel as if I don’t have time and energy for the kind of living I know God created me to experience. And I’ll be ‘honester’ – I’m especially prone to this when I am overwhelmed with ministry responsibilities. Ironic, isn’t it? Well, I’m not proud of it. And I suspect you’re not either when it happens to you. But the fact of the matter is that there are days when you have so many family responsibilities, work deadlines, chores around the house and bills to pay that you suddenly realize at the end of the day that you have barely been in touch with God. I think Jesus understands how easy it is to fall into this trap and that’s why he says, “Seek you first the Kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things will be added unto you.” And you can.Take time in the middle of doing the laundry to say, “Thank you, Jesus, for making my life abundant.” Pause in the middle of trying to sort out a difficult situation and ask, “Lord, what can I do right here and right now to make your will a reality?” Take a few moments in the middle of the afternoon to pray for all those things the Holy Spirit puts on your heart. See what I mean? It’s not a big deal. But when you do it day-in and day-out, you’ll discover how you have morphed from focussing on the business of living to living in a brand new way.