The home we moved into a couple of years ago is blessed with an abundance of daffodils. While it’s no Wye Mountain or Moss Mountain in terms of variety or numbers, we enjoy it. I made a decision after seeing our first crop that I was going to add to it each year we are here. So I have planted bulbs the last two Decembers and this spring has been spectacular – in spite of a spate of snow, sleet, ice and hard freezes. Not surprisingly, I’m already looking for which varieties I’m going to order, figuring out how many I can plant before my back goes out and planning where to plant them. But I’m also going to do something else this spring. I’m going to divide some of the healthier clumps and plant them in bare areas. It’s an interesting concept. You multiply by dividing. Or to put it differently, there may be fewer flowers in one place, but there will be more flowers overall. The same thing is true with God’s love. The more you take some of what God has so graciously given you and plant it somewhere else, the more people it’s going to touch.