My life is sort of chaotic right now. Our house has been rearranged to facilitate Karen’s healing, we’re in the midst of a construction project, and I’m uncertain when General Conference will occur and what that means for the future of the United Methodist Church. That may not seem like a big deal to you, but it is for me. In fact, things ‘out of order’ has a pretty significant impact on my state of mind. Just how out of control things seem became clear to me on Sunday afternoon when I decided I needed to rearrange the channel order on our YouTube TV guide and made the comment, “At least there’s a little order in my life!” Then the Holy Spirit prodded me and I realized – certainly not for the first time and I’m sure not for the last – that I can’t control chaos, whether it’s in your life, my life or someone else’s life. But I can turn to God. And when I do, the Lord has an amazing way of putting the chaos in order in the ways that matter most of all.