Arkansas UM Clergywomen Spring Retreat 2022

All Arkansas Clergywomen are invited to a Spring Retreat!

This will be a wonderful day led by Elaine Robinson Beattie! This event is sponsored by the generosity of the Methodist Foundation for Arkansas so there is no cost to participants but registration is required.

“Today more than ever, it’s hard to create “balance.” Our lives are full of ministry, families, children, and community obligations. These obligations are what make it tough to say that we will live a life of “balance. This gathering is a time for us to acknowledge that we will be swamped sometimes in our lives, and at other times it’s more moderately paced. Nonetheless, I think it’s essential for us to be intentional about planning, scheduling, and identifying priorities so that we can flow through our days, weeks, and months. It’s time to reframe, reset, and re-create a new rhythm. The battle is between our commitment to practicing self-care to break through the busyness and living a life of intention, focus, and internal peace.”
We hope you’ll join us!

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