An Invitation On Behalf of Ukraine

Today, I am inviting United Methodists throughout Arkansas to join in this prayer and to support our work in Ukraine through a special advance UMCOR (United Methodist Committee on Relief) fund that will provide humanitarian aid to those in Ukraine and the refugees fleeing Ukraine seeking safety. or

Dear Lord,

Today we pray for the people of Ukraine as they continue to face a brutal invasion by Russia.

We pray for the children who are in harm’s way: Protect them.
For families grieving loved ones killed by the inhumane violence that has been unleashed: Bring them comfort and healing.
For Ukrainian citizens and refugees whose lives are being turned upside down: Watch over them and give them hope.

We pray for courageous citizens who are resisting the invasion of their nation: Keep them safe as they seek to protect their beloved country.
For President Zelensky as he shows the world what it means to be a servant leader: Encourage him as he leads his people in these perilous days.
For those around the world – including Russian citizens – who are speaking out against Russian aggression, as well as those who are acting to help Ukraine counter the Russian incursion: Embolden them to act swiftly and decisively to help end this tragedy.

We pray for Your Holy Spirit to change President Putin’s heart, so he repents and ends his sinful actions.
For Russian citizens: to rise up and pressure their leaders to stop this madness
For negotiations between Ukrainian and Russian delegations: to end the violence.

As we pray these things, we also fervently pray for the peace that we know is Your will:
Peace for Ukraine.
Peace for Your world mired in violence.
And peace in our own hearts so that those of us who call the Prince of Peace our Lord and Savior, will be peacemakers.

Lord, in Your mercy, hear our prayers.