Lord God,

My heart cries out to You today.

Violence surrounds us. Barbaric violence unleashed by Russia against the sovereign state of Ukraine. A mass shooting in Dumas, Arkansas involving at least 24 people. Domestic battering that occurs behind closed doors. Words spoken on social media that demean and demonize.

Sure, we cry out against violence whenever it occurs in a dramatic enough fashion by offering prayers for victims and imploring You to stop it. Yet it is so prevalent, we have passively accepted it as the way life is.

So today, we declare we do not abhor violence the way You do. We admit we have not spoken out against its prevalence. We acknowledge we have not confronted those who enable it. And we confess all of these inactions are a sin.

Enable us to believe so passionately that You call us to make Your will just as real on earth as it already is in heaven, that we actively seek to do it. Give us the courage to speak prophetically, even if it entails personal risk. Empower us to be those our Lord and Savior Jesus calls blessed – peacemakers.

We pray in the strong name of Jesus that the best impulses of our spirits and the most faithful words of our mouths will become real through all of our actions.