Iceagedon 2022, a winter storm that rolled through Arkansas yesterday, has iced/sleeted us in so that we literally can’t go anywhere. If it warms up enough, we may be able to get out later today; but odds are it will be sometime tomorrow. For someone like me, losing this much control could be anxiety producing. However, the disruption imposed by Iceagedon 2022 has actually been a blessing because it has helped me see things in new ways. Like how often I take for granted having a warm home and plenty of food. How Covid has allowed me to perfect the art of Zooming so I can continue to get done what I need to get done. And how cold weather plays a necessary role in the Arkansas’ ecosystem for the health and well-being of trees and plants, as well as controlling insects this coming summer. Iceagedon 2022 also has helped me see my relationship with God in new ways. Like how easily I can fall into the trap of asking God to keep my life ordered in ways that make me comfortable, when what I really need to do is ask God to disrupt my life so that I can see things in new ways that will help me grow in my faith and my faithfulness. And that’s why I’m going to try a new prayer over the next several days: Lord, disrupt my life in just the ways You know I need.