It happened when I was still in the hospital just after being born. I scratched my cheek, the blood flowed and my mother panicked. Of course, my body immediately went to work and the wound healed on its own, but a scar remained. And, just like you, I’ve spent a lifetime adding more scars because they’re an inevitable part of living. But did you know that you also carry another kind of scar? Well, you do. And what makes this kind of scar so insidious is that you can’t see them and they don’t heal on their own. They’re heart scars, and you get them when you are wounded by someone you thought you could trust, hurt by the church or betrayed by someone close to you – and they cause more pain than you can imagine. But there is hope for healing. Sure, it will take hard work and probably involve some time with a therapist. But it will happen. Because God is the great healer. And God passionately longs to heal you.