Karen’s recovery from a total knee replacement has been challenging. At times, the pain has been excruciating to the point of tears. But she keeps doing the things her doctor and physical therapist have prescribed, and she is making progress. Actually, great progress. Sure there’s still pain and moments of despair. That’s just how it is when you have this kind of surgery. But the difference between today and last Thursday when she was released from the hospital is significant. In fact, the knee already feels better than it did prior to the surgery because she is experiencing God’s healing presence in so many ways: the surgeon, and his skill and prayers each time he saw her; your prayers; many words of encouragement; signs of love; and the compassionate care of so many skilled medical professionals. Big problems require deep healing. It’s often painful and lengthy, and sometimes you are tempted to give up along the way. But when it’s done, you know that healing is worth the cost. And that’s true whether your healing is physical, emotional, relational or spiritual.