As I look out my window this morning, I see bare trees, brown grass and sticks where Hydrangeas bloomed last summer. That’s because it’s winter. Yet if I look closely, I also see a Red Maple budding, Snowball bushes beginning to show white clusters and Daffodils bursting forth with a variety of shades of yellow. That’s because winter has begun its transition to spring. While I’m not sure exactly when spring will fully arrive or what it will be like, I know it will happen because all of the signs are there. As I look at our world this morning, I see an imminent attack by Russia against Ukraine that may blossom into a full-blown war, tens of thousands of children who go to bed hungry each night in Arkansas and ever-growing numbers of people I care about struggling with depression. That’s because life is hard. Sometimes very hard. Yet if I look closely, I also see people who have been addicted to drugs living in sobriety, individuals who have had no purpose spending their lives loving those no one else loves and thousands of people being changed from the inside-out by Jesus’ love. That’s because God is making His will just as real on earth as it already is in heaven. While I don’t know the particulars about what this will look like, I can live with absolute hope right now because all of the signs are there.