We inherited a home with lots of Daffodils and have planted more each year. While we’ll never be Wye Mountain or P. Allen Smith’s Moss Mountain in terms of volume or varieties, we enjoy them immensely. This year some of the Daffodils started sending up their shoots way too early during the midst of unusually warm weather in late December. Then it got cold. Really cold. And although they weren’t quite as perky during the cold spell, they quickly bounced back and are handling the nightly sub-freezing temperatures like it’s spring time. Daffodils can do this because they are bred to be resilient. And so can you. In part because this is how God has created you. Even more importantly because the Holy Spirit has your back. So even if today is tough and you don’t have a lot of hope, take it on with the confidence that you will bounce back. Because you will.