I use social media quite a bit and have for a while. I don’t Tic-Tok or do Reels – but, who knows, maybe I will. I also know there are social media platforms I don’t even know exist. I use it to the extent I do because it’s a wonderful way to share reflections about God’s grace, following Jesus, and trying to live in and of the Holy Spirit. I also use it from time to time to share things going on in my personal life. You may think you know me from what I share. And I suppose you do. But there are parts of me you don’t know because I hold them close to my heart and and only share them with those closest to me. That’s because some of these things are simply too tender and others are not something I’m not proud of. And here’s the thing that truly amazes me. God knows everything about me and still loves me passionately, including loving me just the way I am. But it’s exactly because God loves me just the way I am that God is working to change me more and more into the likeness of Jesus. This means the most important thing I can do today is join in that work. And the same thing is true for you. Because God really does love the real you.