Social media is here to stay. I know that and so do you. In fact, it’s a technology so vast and penetrating that it literally shapes our world. Sometimes for bad. And sometimes for good. On the one hand, we have seen the destructiveness it can unleash when algorithms result in the ramping up of hate and vitriol, or it becomes so consuming – even addictive – that people are on it for hours every day. On the other hand, I love how my family can have an ongoing text group in which we keep up with each other, I can see Instagram pictures of what people I care about are up to and my grandson Henry can Facetime me even though we are hundreds of miles apart. Not surprisingly, this ‘either – or’ is like so many things in life. They can be used for good. Or they can be abused for bad. This is why your relationship with Jesus matters so much. The deeper you go with Jesus, the more you mature. The more you mature, the more faithfully you live. And the more faithfully you live, the better able you are to use things like social media for good, instead of letting them use you.