Winter was my favorite season when I was a kid in Kansas. I loved skating on lakes completely frozen over, sledding, and all the snow and cold. No wonder I’ve always assumed this is what winter should be like. At least until I moved south of the Mason-Dixon line, and had to come to grips with the fact that winter is not a monolithic season defined by a single set of characteristics. It’s actually made up of varying climates and divergent days. Winter can be warm and sunny. Winter can be rainy and cool. And yes, as occasionally happens, winter can still be cold and snowy. In other words, winter is still winter even when it doesn’t seem like winter to me. The same thing is true with God. It’s easy to fool yourself into thinking that God just happens to act only in those ways that fit right into the middle of your comfort zone of how you think God should act. But, frankly, that’s not reality. And it’s certainly not faithful. Which is why it’s important to spend your life following Jesus. Because this is the journey that will help you discover there’s a whole lot more to God than you ever imagined possible.