Lord of my life, Love of my life,

I praise You with my imperfect life, fractured heart and questionable actions. But I do so with confidence knowing that You take who I am – every bit of me – and work to heal me in all the ways You know I need.

I seek Your will with my ears that often hear what I want, eyes that see what I’ve always seen and a mind that keeps turning back to me. But I do so with the hope that Your love will melt, mold and fill me in exactly the way You desire.

I share Your love with those around me with my heart that has been broken, a spirit that lives out of unknown wounds and a narrative that sometimes lies to me. But I do so with courage that wells up from deep within me because of Your presence in my life.

Yes, I am imperfect. And I know it so well. But that’s not the last word about me. You are. And You always will be.

Thank You with all that I am in the strong and loving name of Jesus.