Lord God,

Your love is greater than I can understand, more personal that I can comprehend and more transformational than I can imagine. It is absolutely dependable, intensely proactive and ever-present. It is the heart of who You are, the most powerful reality in the universe and the hope of my life.

I know all of this – and I believe it. And I am grateful for the difference it makes in my life with every breath. But, Lord, I want more. A lot more. I need it to come alive like never before. To be so real that I can feel it. So powerful that my thinking is transformed by it. So compelling that I do things differently than I’ve done them in years.

So help me trust You. Prod me to cling to Jesus. Push me to invite the Holy Spirit into my life. Because I know in my heart of hearts that when I do these, all is well even when all does not seem well.

I pray this praising You and giving You all honor and glory.