Life sometimes gets so complicated that You seem to get lost in all that’s swirling around me. And yet, I know better. It’s not You who is lost, but me. Which is why I need You to help me realize that I’ve already been found by You. And then to hold onto You as tightly as I can as I journey through the day.

But I also know You want more for me than just getting through the day. Much more. Abundantly more. In fact, You have something You have chosen me to do

So may Your existence be the true North that guides me. Your grace the oxygen I breathe. Jesus’ love the food that nourishes my soul. Jesus’ compassion the elixir that gives me life. Jesus’ salvation the way that lights my way. The Holy Spirit’s joy the energy that tempers my happiness and overcomes my sadness. The Holy Spirit’s hope the vision that propels me forward. But most of all, may I trust You enough to listen and to do.

I pray this, as I pray all things, in the strong name of Jesus.