We experience daily how easy it is to be so steamrolled by the pain, suffering and challenges of what’s going on in the world right now that we end up mired in negativity and hopeless about the future. It’s hard. So hard. And it’s not how we want to live. More importantly, we know it’s not where you want us to live.  

So we intend to do something about it.  

We will renew our trust in You every day as the heart and soul of our lives – and do it multiple times if necessary. Embrace the fullness of Your gift of salvation in Jesus – and hang onto it with everything we’ve got. Let Jesus’ joy invade our souls – and actually shine brighter and brighter so others can see it. Work to bridge divides – and start with our relationships with the people around us. Act with increasing compassion for those who are suffering – and move from acts of mercy to the pursuit of justice.

We want to be clear about something. We’re not trying to be the savior of the world because we already have one. We’re just trying to show he actually makes a difference. In us. In others. And in the world.

May it be so in the strong name of Jesus.