We do a lot of shopping on Amazon. Especially at Christmas. So when it was time to buy Christmas gifts for our grandson, Henry, we sat down, wrote in the parameters of our search, watched as hundreds of options appeared and started putting them in our cart. They’re great toys I wish I had when I was his age. And Henry will enjoy them – at least as much as any six month old can enjoy a toy more than a few moments. But I’ve realized something. It’s different choosing toys online than buying them ‘the old fashioned way’ when you take the time to get in the car, drive to stores, and pick up toys before you choose them. While it’s efficient to buy online, I must admit that there’s a lot more of me invested when I get up, go out and walk into actual stores. I think that’s the point of Christmas. God didn’t just work from afar to give us abundant and eternal life. Rather, God became one of us to be with us in order to save us. That’s as personal as it gets.