Life is tough. Your life may be very tough. Especially right now. But you don’t have to settle for just surviving. That’s because Jesus is all about thriving. Not necessarily in the way most people talk about it, but in the Jesus’ way. So when you feel inadequate, you will be invited into Kingdom living. When your heart is broken, you will experience God’s presence in a far more intimate way. When you feel invisible, you will greatly impact the world around you. When you long for a better world, you will see God’s justice become real. When you show mercy even when it’s a challenge, you will experience more mercy than you ever imagined possible. When you really long for God, you will see God through the eyes of your heart. When you try to bring people together in a polarized world, you will enable others to see the difference that belonging to God makes. When you are discounted because of what you believe, you will see right through the pain into God’s Kingdom that is present and still to fully come.