What you do today depends on the narrative you have decided to live by. How you choose your narrative depends on who you really think you are. Who you think you really are depends on Whose you are. Whose you depends on the free gift that Jesus makes available through the fullness of his incarnated and sacrificial love. Of all the important things you need to do today, the most important is to make sure that what you actually choose to do is intimately connected to Whose you are. This isn’t just heart or head stuff. It’s about tying Jesus to your real life choices: how you spend your time, what you do with your money, the attitude you have towards those who annoy you, how much time you spend with God, and how much hope and joy you have. If this all sounds a bit overwhelming, relax. The point is not to do everything perfectly today. It’s simply to let Jesus perfect you in love just a bit more today than yesterday.