Thanksgiving week begins today in our beloved homeland. Although we look forward to traveling, family gatherings and holiday celebrations, we long to immerse ourselves in the holy work of ThanksGiving.

Enable us to linger in ThanksGiving and not treat Thanksgiving Day as something merely to get through on the way to Christmas.

Free us from the sin of assuming that simply getting what we want or think we deserve is worthy ThanksGiving.

Take our ThanksGiving deeper than we have ever gone before so that we see beneath the surface and focus on what matters most.

Prod us so that our ThanksGiving is a springboard for more faithful living in which we generously share what You so graciously have given us with others.

Help us so profoundly experience how ThanksGiving always comes back to You that we cannot stop giving You thanks.

We pray this in the name of Jesus, our Savior, Lord, Brother, Friend, Teacher and Healer.