Lord God Almighty!

Today we join brothers and sisters in Christ around the globe as we remember the Saints.

We remember those Saints who have traveled the road of faith and now dwell with You in Your heavenly realm. They were Your gifts to us as they proclaimed Jesus’ Good News, embodied his way of living and shared Your amazing grace in real ways with real people that made a real difference.

We remember those Saints who enter into our lives on a regular basis in big and small ways. They offer us unconditional love, support and, at times, accountability as they bring us just the grace we need in just the way we need it at just the time we need it.

We remember those Saints who do not seem all that saintly. They remind us of the transformative power of Jesus Christ to take ordinary people and turn them into something extraordinary. Not because they – or we – have earned it, but because Your love has done what only Your love can do.

Yes, Lord, we remember all of the Saints. And we honor them. And we give You all praise, honor and glory for them in Jesus’ name.