Yesterday was warm, humid and windy where I live. Almost summerish. Then storms with high wind and a brief downpour of heavy rain rolled through late last night ahead of a cold front. This morning the temperature is cooler, the air far less humid and the forecast promises delightful weather the next couple of days. What an apt metaphor for life this is. Life goes well, or at least seems fairly calm. But then you suddenly are overwhelmed by a stormy period as you deal with grief, a frightening medical diagnosis, the loss of a job, problems in your family or any of a hundred other things. When you are in the middle of these turbulent storms, it seems like they will never pass. But they do. Every single time. Sure, there may be damage to clean up. And you might have to adjust to a new normal. But God is with you all the time – healing you and enabling you to adapt to the future. Which is why you can always look forward to a new day filled with hope. And you can do it starting today.