Like you, my life is filled with all kinds of distractions. Some annoyingly insert themselves, like spam calls that can’t be blocked. Others are both inconvenient and necessary, like having to drop everything and deal with the furnace that has given up the ghost just before the first really cold weather of the season arrives. And still others are deceiving because they don’t seem like distractions at all, like having toys (yes, adults do have toys!) that absorb time, energy and money. While many distractions are just part of life and have to be addressed, it’s these enjoyable distractions that actually pose the greatest challenge because they distract me from what I know matters most in life. So what do I – and you – do about distractions? The answer is not what you stop – it’s where you start. Which means being sure you start by loving Jesus with everything you’ve got. Because when you do, it’s amazing how life’s distractions are not nearly so distracting.