If someone were to ask you whether you want to find God, you most likely would answer, “Yes, of course I do!” That’s an interesting response because it implies that establishing a relationship with God is up to you wanting it, taking the initiative and doing all the heavy lifting. But the upside-down Good News of the Gospel is that Jesus came looking for you, has found you, and already is pouring out the fullness of God’s unconditional, invitational and transformational love on you. All of which raises a question: Do you really want to be found by God? After all, when you’re doing the finding, you are in control, and go looking for God when you feel like you need a dose of the divine, it’s convenient or you need the superpowers only God can provide. But when you come to grips with the fact that Jesus has found you, you give up the (illusory) idea that you are in control and, instead, surrender yourself just as you are to Jesus. And that changes everything about everything.